Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ski Season

Among many things, a resolution for 2015 was to keep this alive and updated, so here we are. Not too much has been happening for me. Lots of work and training, and wrapping up lots of fun end of the year items. The holidays were pretty hectic for me with both work, family and training, but was stoked to get in some great days already on the Nordic skis. We are so lucky and privileged here to have so many great places to ski up and down the valley with the  showpiece being Spring Gulch just above Carbondale. I've been skiing there since high school and still love it every time I'm up there.

Usually in December it's hard to get good consistent days on the ski's here, but we've been getting hit pretty hard with snow in the valley. It's been great! So nice to truly have a white Xmas and New Years here. New Year's was pretty uneventful for me once again, but I have come to really enjoy the low key start to the year. Once again, can't say how excited I am for 2015 and this years mountain bike season, but before that happens, still have lots of sweet snow to ski.

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