Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Back Up to Speed

 Finally I have this thing back up and running. After taking some time off from posting during the winter, I also let my domain expire, which was a huge pain in the ass to get sorted, but finally I have the blog going again. Normally I try and keep the blog updated as the season progresses, but that's always easier said than done. After coming back from California, things have been super busy. Between work and doing all the springtime chores and work associated with the house, getting out to ride has been a bit of a challenge, especially when looking for windows in the weather. 

Back in April we had our annual team camp in Fruita. Despite the stress of planning and managing all the logistics associated with the camp, it's always great to get out there and ride. I always have fond memories of riding in Fruita, and no one can dispute how fun the trails are. 

 After the camp, I've also been working hard to improve my weaknesses before the next Pro XCT's in Missoula and Colorado Springs. As proud as I am with how I did at the California races, I am not really all that satisfied at all with the results. While it's easy to say last year's races were lighter in competition comparatively to last year, I also know what I am capable of and that it wasn't really shown in California. So it's been fun to ride with a bit more of a mission than usual. Although some days I do wish I was able to just ride carelessly, it's cool looking at the progress and hopefully seeing some time melt off in certain areas.

Aside from riding the mountain bikes and road bike, I've been consistently riding the moto once a week. I'm still quite the beginner, but that's most of the fun. Plus, it's still quite the workout. I really do think a lot of people underestimate how physical fitness it requires to ride the dirt bike properly. 

Hopefully the weather will stabilize here a bit more, because I've got nothing but two wheels on the mind. 

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Jessica said...

Yes, exactly! Unstoppable!