Thursday, November 14, 2013

Front Range Crossin'

 What a fall it's been here in Colorado! The weather has been pretty amazing, still. Although it's been far from proper Cross weather, it has still provided great riding weather. Been enjoying the cross season/off season pretty thoroughly right now. All the races have been super fun, and also been really fast and challenging. Pretty cool how low key the Colorado Cup CX series is here and yet we get really good competition and get to race super fun courses. It actually makes me feel a bit guilty for taking so much time off after getting sick. Luckily there is still plenty of racing left and has me somewhat hopeful of making the long run of racing at Nationals in January. We'll see how I feel though come January. Pretty hard to say you'll be motivated for that now when its still 50, sunny and beautiful out. At any rate, I'm really enjoying how things are going. Aside from training I've been making sure to keep on top of all the fun winterizing projects at the house, like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, sealing windows etc. I've also been super on it and got my wax bench and accessories sorted for when it does snow.
All in all things are going good and just enjoying the fall. Needless to say, its been an awesome way to wind down whats already been an excellent summer.

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