Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Adventures

 Pretty hard not to love the fall around the Roaring Fork Valley. It's pretty much turned into fun time all the time now since racing has dropped off a bit. I initially planned on racing a pretty full cross schedule right after the Trek CXC cup, but ended up coming home to strep throat and the flu so... Kind of put a damper on those plans for a bit. Not so much just getting sick, but also dealing with the after effects of the antibiotics. Ugh! Those almost made me feel worse than the flu. So I've decided to not fight my body and give it some rest, sort of.

Instead of formal training I've been riding my Trek Remedy and getting out and enjoying all the sweet trails I've been dying to ride for most of the season. Although I'm usually pretty good at hitting all the high country rides long before the off-season, its easy to just go out and knock out your training on the trails where you know you can. Instead the emphasis has purely been on enjoying the trails. 

Of course, I've been making regular trips to the skate park. Still been so much fun, and really loving the process of trying a new sport that's completely different from what I've been doing for so many years. It's funny how you forget how hard it is to do something different. Almost take it for granted that every day you'll feel awesome and be riding near or close to your best. But when you're beginning, that's definitely not the case.  Some days you hit all your lines, skate super smoothly and nail lots of new tricks or things you've been hoping, and others... not so much. Aside from being really fun, it's been extremely humbling. I feel like you can't have too much of that, makes you appreciate everything you do. 

Which is also why I've been super excited to ride my newest toy. A week after I got back from Wisconsin, I ended up pulling the trigger on something I've been looking at for the past few years. I bought an 04 KTM 200 XC-W. Like I've known in the past, its no walk in the park to go ride the moto out on the trails and on the track, but its surprising how different all the muscles are. Been having a few days where I find myself pretty sore and pretty tired. I have found the ultimate day involves both a sweet mtb ride and some moto shredding. 

Aside from all the sweet riding and skating, I think the highlight of the fall is me making it to the Cult of Luna concert a week ago in Denver. I've been dying to see them ever since I first heard them 4 years ago. Pretty cool to be able to see them since they don't really do many shows in North America.

Aside from the music being incredible, they had an amazing show that was not gimmicky, but all about the music.

So far my little vacation this fall has been going great. I am looking forward to getting in some more CX racing in once my body gets recovered. Plus with Cross Nats being in Boulder this year, might be good to take a break now and try to hit that up. Well see. Either way its going to be good.

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