Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seasonal Change

I can't really believe it, but it's Cyclocross season again. Pretty excited. Last year was the first year since college that I raced cross again and it was super fun. Although the fitness wasn't really there, it was an awesome spring board. So needless to say I'm looking forward to racing a lot more this season now that I am fit. Also pretty stoked when looking at this years CX bike. So light and fun!

But more than anything right now I just can't believe it's mid September already! I guess that's the sign of a really fun summer. You can also tell the fall is right around the corner now since I can't just ride to work in the am in shorts and a T shirt and more and more trees are starting to change. Normally I start getting pretty bummed when I see this, but it's a pretty welcome change from the crazy heat we'd been having.

In more exciting news, min svenskt kompis Calle Friberg has been on a tear lately. First he won Swedish Marathon Champs a few weeks ago, and then this past weekend he took 28th at World Cup Finals in Hafjell, Norway. Way to jack it!

Of course with the new season, it means a change in music taste. Not really sure why that happens, but it does. So what has been making up my Spotify playlists? Been taking a step back to my old punk days and listening to a lot of Millencolin. One of my all time favorites!

In addition to that, two of my favorite bands, some members from two other favorite bands, Isis and Deftones, came together to make Palms. Really good sound with a more softer side than I'm used to listening to, but good music is good music.

And lastly, been enjoying a lot of Atmosphere, along with Eligh and Grouch. I was lucky enough to catch the show they did up at the Belly Up in Aspen recently so that's sparked a lot of it.

Aside from Cross, I've been doing a bit of running lately. Partly for cx training, but also just to mix it up a bit. Kinda nice to get off the bike sometimes but not feel like I'm getting lazy. Still tons of skateboarding too. Been going so much more now than ever. It's been super exciting and humbling since you forget how hard it is to jump into a new sport or activity after focusing on one for so long. Plus with all the skate parks in the valley, its really hard to not take advantage of them. Now really my only problem is finding enough time to do all the things I want to for fun!

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