Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Long Overdue Update

I was on such a good roll there for a while keeping this updated, then I get back and it just falls off. Luckily there has still been lots of good stuff going on. So backtracking a bit, After La Clusaz, which Calle won btw, we drove back up to Frankfurt, Germany for the last leg of my Euro trip. Was really cool for me being able to driving on the Autobahn. It's been something I'd always wanted to do and being such the fan of German cars I loved it. The next morning I hopped on a plane back to Colorado. Normally I've had pretty good luck with my transcontinental flights being pretty easy going, but right on takeoff we had a tire on the landing gear blow up and made a pretty big explosion noise right as we got into the air. The woman sitting next to started crying and actually again when landing. Not the best send off. Either way we landed a-okay, but I'll probably never flight Delta again. And lets just say the blown tire was the least annoying piece of my Delta experience.

Anyways it was a really cool experience doing what Calle and I did for the month. However, coming home felt really good. This is actually the biggest difference from my previous trips over to Europe. The last few times I was over there I remember walking to the plane thinking, why? Especially last year... I had a hard time really rationalizing what it was I was going home to. This time however, I was really looking forward to being home and everything that was back home. Well maybe not everything, but for 98% of it. It was a really good feeling for once. It also showed me how far I'd come in in year.

So what did I do when I got home? Duh, slept a shit ton during the day because I was jet-lagged like crazy! But still rode my ass off. I did come home with a bit of overuse injury, ended up being some Piriformis Syndrome, but got some rehab and was back on the bike rather quickly. For the first time ever, I understood what people meant by feeling the altitude, but luckily that went away quickly. I did some local racing and it was really cool to be back racing with no stress whatsoever. I then headed over to Keystone with my buddy Wade Newsom to partake in the Snake River Challenge. It ended up being quite the challenge to say the least, but it was a super cool race, pretty similar to the old Mountain States Cup course that I really enjoyed. Ended up taking the win there while doing more than 3/4 the race solo off the front. Not exactly what I intended, but it worked!

After that I had some family come out and stay for a bit. Was really cool having them out and having the house full again. I also made it out for some camping with my good friend Mike Thomas. We hit up some pretty cool spots near Minturn and escaped the summer heat this July. Always good times hanging out with him and his pup Hallie. This was also a good time to get in some trail running and hiking. Normally I try to shun away from running, but it was pretty fun getting out and mixing it up a bit on the "training". After July, I usually enter into a pretty hectic time of year for work, with the Outdoor Retailer Trade show, Tour of Utah, The Steamboat Stinger and then finally the USA Pro Cycling Challenge all coming one right after another. Pretty hard to handle all of it, but really rewarding when its all said and over with. Especially this year for the Steamboat Stinger. Probably one of the more challenging years for me personally in regards to work, but we came out with another great event. Once again, race promoters are truly underrated and under-appreciated. Lots and lots of work goes into putting on an event, and that doesn't even necessarily mean it will be a good one! Just remember that when things are less than ideal at your next race you go to. The biggest bummer of the race this year, was that, well I wanna race it! After all the rave reviews and seeing all the smiles I kinda wish one of these years I was able to get out and race it myself. Oh well. Probably the coolest part of the event is watching people have so much fun during and after the race. It's also cool to because I got to see all my friends smash it, and once again Russell Finsterwald won it. Always sweet watching good friends kill it!

After that it was straight back home for the Pro Challenge. Once again, a lot of work, but extremely considering some of the sports biggest names come out to race on roads I've been riding on most of my life and going through my home state. I got pretty lucky this year too since I only had to be on the road for the first stage to help at the booth and get people in the Bontager Team car, and then got the sweet opportunity to ride the second stage from Aspen to Breck with some good friends.

7+hrs of riding and 127 miles made for quite the epic ride.  During most of August I usually take a pretty good amount of time off the bike, so this was a bit of shock to the system being the first ride in a few weeks.
But was super fun and was sick watching all the riders come over the KOM right before dropping into town. Super impressive watching how fast they were going!

Since then I have been back to riding pretty consistently and also hitting up the skate park a ton. Normally I try to shy away from hitting the skate park during the summer, but this year I have been going as much as I can. Even if it's just 20 minutes at night before it's dark I've gotten my ass over there.

As I sit here and type this I can't believe the summer is dwindling. Seems like just yesterday I was boarding a plane to Austin, Texas for the Mellow Johnny's Classic. But Ill take that as sign of how much fun I've been having this year. This year that's really been my ultimate focus, enjoying and taking advantage of every opportunity I have for fun this year. Of course that's always easier said than done and especially now as I still have more responsibility than ever, but anything worth doing always takes work, and sometimes you gotta work hard to maintain that fun lifestyle. One of the things I admired the most about my Dad was how he handled responsibility and still fit so many things in his life. Once again, stoked to have had such a great model for my life!

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