Monday, September 30, 2013

Interbike and Trek CXC Cup

 With a flash, Interbike has come and gone. Gotta say, pretty fun event for a trade show, and it is much better now that you can go to some CX races the first night, and then hit up the crits the second night. Makes it more of a spectacle. This year, My buddy Mike Shea and I teamed up for the Cruiser Crit. Although we didn't have luck on our side, it was super fun to do. Especially since we got to do the race at night.

I was also lucky that I was really only in Vegas for about 30 some odd hours, then I flew out early to crack open the CX season at the Trek CXC Cup in Madison, Wisconsin. Super fun event that was on Trek HQ. I have never been to Wisconsin before so it was really cool checking out a new state, and especially being able to race there.

The first day went super well seeing as how I had just come out of Interbike, but after a good warm up I seemed to blow out the legs half way decently. Ended up finishing 21st. Pretty stoked! It was my first CX race of the season so I was pretty curious to see how the body responded. Seemed to go pretty good considering I moved up the entire race.

Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky the second day. I got a really good start, and had already got myself into the top 15 in the first few laps. I might have got a bit too hard to stay there though and ended up fading. On the 3rd to last lap I was pretty worked, and so when I slid out in a corner and twisted my shifter I pretty much knew that was it for me. By the time I got it back somewhat to level at where I could ride it again, I was already about to get lapped. I ended up pulling out since it was inevitable and I was already short on time to catch my flight back home. Pretty bummed, but that's racing. Was super fun to get out there and also good to have such a great weekend of racing to kick off the CX season. Looking forward to more!

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