Friday, June 14, 2013

La Clusaz, France

View from our hotel room.

And we've arrived in beautiful La Clusaz, France for the Roc Des Alpes races. Pretty cool event! They have a lot of different formats of racing here, Marathon, XC, Enduro, DH, Pump Track, you name it they've probably got it. After a short ride yesterday in Biel to spin the legs and take in as much of Switzerland and Biel that we could, we loaded up the Audi and heading over here.

I have to say it's pretty unreal in Switzerland. The mountains, the food, the water, everything. Really an amazing place to come and stay. Will for sure have to come back and ride some more. But back to France. Sadly after the Bike Four Peaks race, Långa Lugnet and also the marathon worlds preview, my body is in need of some rest and will not race this weekend. Riding easy I feel pretty good, but when I start to turn the screws I really feel things a bit more. If this was a more important race to me or at the end of the season I'd probably say screw it, but I've got an international flight right after and plenty of more really fun, more important races once I get home. Gotta admit, pretty hard to sit it out, but an 82km race with 3000 meters of climbing isn't a race to go into when you're feeling a bit fatigued etc. I've done that before and hasn't gone to well ;-) So instead I've just been riding easy and really relaxing. Truly treating this as a holiday and will go back hopefully very recovered.

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