Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bike Four Peaks Stage 4, Kaprun to Neukirchen

And that's a wrap! What a cool, but super hard day!
We started off on the flats of the valley, and before hitting some super steep climbs. Luckily last night I was able to get a massage from Bart Wellens personal massure, Gery Delanghe. Both super funny, super nice guys! Was really fun getting to race with Bart and his brother Geert. 

Not too much else too say about today other than all out! From the get go it was full gas on the flats and then the final climb was a bitch. I tried to hang in as high in the placings as I could to see if I could make up some ground, but wasn't able to. It was super hot and I was for sure feeling the effects of the previous days efforts. I ended up finished 57th again, but held onto my 49th overall. That was the most important part. 

Normally I'm not into finisher medals, but this one goes on the wall for sure. Finishing in the top 50 behind guys like Christoph Sauser, Alban Lakata, Karl Platt etc is really special for me, and something worth being proud of. I'm not really planning anytime soon on switching full time to Marathon racing, but it is really fun, and such a brutal test, especially here in Europe. Ideally, I'd love to be doing more Swiss Cups and Bundesligas, but that requires so much more and at my level, I'm not quite there yet. So this is a good compromise, still a very high level, but lots of racing and lots of experience to take in.

Calle Friberg also had a great race this year finishing 7th overall! Super awesome for him! He's been having a hell of a season so far and this really showed this week! 
He's been blogging and sending reports about us on Bicycling Sweden. You can check em out here!

Well, thats a wrap and now I'm off to down some Wienerschnitzel and some beers! Huge thanks again to all my sponsors, Honey Stinger, Bontrager, Trek Bikes, Adidas Glasses, Craft Clothing, SRAM etc for making this all happen. Also, but thanks to all the guys at Team Bulls for helping out with feeding etc! 

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