Friday, June 07, 2013

Bike Four Peaks Stage 3 Kirchberg to Kaprun

Wow! I suffered a lot today! Today was the queen stage of the race, and one where I really suffered. It was 83km long (52 miles) with 8000 feet of climbing. We started off in Kirchberg and had a few kilometers of paved road to begin. Really this was super helpful since it helped open up my legs and also helped me get in a good position for the first climb. I tried to hang in the lead group for as long as I could. I figured why not, either way strong riders from behind would catch me somewhere and help pull me along to the valley to the last climb up the Kaprun ski hill.

Once we started to get higher and higher up the climbs, we hit more and more snow. It was truly an epic adventure. We were well above tree line and having to run across big patches of snow and mud. Was really crazy! Also really fun, and kinda cold! After a good kilometer of running across the top of the ski station in the snow we descended down some gravel roads and then hit some good single track. I really tried to maximize that to my advantage and opened up a good gap on some riders. Then we all came back together before the last climb. 

In the sections in between climbs, they were mostly on paved roads and they all played out like road racing. pretty fun, but also really hard. 

On the last climb they sent us up some crazy steep ski runs, and then around the top of the mountain. I never was really able to get the legs I had from the day before and couldn't settle into any type of rhythm so I lost a few riders and ended up coming in 52nd on the day. I dropped back down to 49th Overall in the GC, but still okay considering. 

Last stage is tomorrow. Going to have to get really going for this to keep my top 50 overall.
Now, some food and then rest! 

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