Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bike Four Peaks Stage 1 - Ruhpolding to Lofer

Finish village in Lofer, Germany. Photo Calle Friberg
Well, Stage 1 is in the books and I'm whooped. Today's stage was quite the brutal one. It was 69 miles long with 6,300 feet of climbing. The first 20 km of the race were neutralized due to all the heavy rain they have been getting in Ruhpolding, so it played out a bit differently than I expected. Sadly it made the start super chaotic and caused a lot of course cutting. There was a section where we were supposed to go around some rail road tracks and then start up a steep section of trail. Since it was neutral, a lot of the masters and slower racers were up higher and towards the front so I went from being in probably 100th place to all of a sudden being back in 200th or further. I spent the better part of the day passing and passing more and more riders.

Luckily I was able to get out and somewhat settle in a good pace. I didn't quite have the best legs yesterday, and was really having a hard time pushing some of the gears I needed. Plus with all the climbs here being so long and steep, you really need you're best legs to keep pace with the other riders.

Calle and I grabbing some past in one of the most scenic places I've ever been! Photo: Calle Friberg
Thankfully I was able to keep it together enough to finish 57th, 22 minutes back from Christoph Sauser. I'm somewhat satisfied given I don't really do much Marathon distance racing and how the start and legs felt. Pretty stoked at the finish though to hear that Calle took 7th place, right with the Sauser group! Damn he's riding strong! Another thing to keep me stoked is the views here at the race! Holy Shit they are spectacular! I'm certain there is no better way to see Germany and Austria! 
Onward and Upward! 

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