Monday, March 11, 2013

Mellow Johnny's Classic

Can't believe it's already race season, but also super stoked. Been looking forward to getting back into the swing of things for quite a while. Last summer I pretty much figured out that my 2012 season wasn't really going to happen how I wanted it to, so I basically resolved myself to working towards 2013.

The race it self didn't go as smoothly as I wanted, and I didn't really get the result I wanted either, but it was nice to blow out the legs and get the season rolling. The course is Texas was super fun. Not as flowy and open like the course on Lance's ranch, but rather, a more technical physical course. Like the one at Lance's ranch it felt like the course had a negative loss, and was super fast. Of course that changed a bit once the race started.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, my ride out to the race came super delayed and got in a 5 minute warm-up before the start. After stressing out for an hour or so before the race, I was just happy to be at the start line. Not the best feeling before the first Pro XCT of the season, but... all you can do.
After that the race went pretty well. I suffered like a dog trying to get my body back into race mode, but was able to make it through all the crashes and traffic for a 35th. Not horrible, but not really what I was looking for. Either way, was super fun to be back racing and seeing all the normal people out at the races

Was also cool to spend some time in Austin. Pretty cool city! I've spent a lot of time there back in 2011 for a few events, and so it was nice to be back. The weather was a perfect 65 and sunny all week. This was a huge relief for me since last time I was there for a race it was upwards of 90. Really looking forward to this weekends race at Bonelli Park. Supposed to be a cool course, and there is also a Super D and Short Track too.

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