Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bonelli Park Triple Crown

First and foremost, I love bike racing! And after this past weekend in Bonelli Park, California, I'm all the more excited for more this season. I was pretty excited before I even made it out there after talking to Kalan Beisel about the course, and the weather looked like it was going to be pretty awesome, maybe a bit on the hot side, but after the late spring snow storms and chilly weather here, I could take some sun and heat. Luckily before Mellow Johnny's I was hitting up a sauna pretty often to get used to the heat, so I don't think it really affected me too much.

The XC course was super fun! Lots of climbing actually, but all pretty steep in short sections, so it made the race kinda hard to pace since you were going super hard, then easy for a bit then super hard again the whole time. It wasn't really a total climbers course either though cause there were some power sections too. Overall it was really fun to ride on, and super fast. After a decent showing at Mellow Johnny's I got a prime start position, 3rd row, so that made my start a lot less stressful. I wasn't really moving up in the race quite how I hoped in the first 4 laps, but then the last two I finally opened up and starting making more moves and rode to my best Pro XCT finish, 27th. I was hoping for a top 25, so I was pretty damn close, but still hungry for more.

I was hopping to have some better luck in the Super D (aka TT with a downhill start) but I broke my front derailleur and kept dropping my chain. I didn't really notice until the next day before the short track so I was pretty bummed with my result. The STXC was also pretty tough, dropped my chain, but more than anything really didn't have the legs and finished 32nd. Way off from where I should be, but really happy to get that effort in. Not often I can go that hard at sea level, so tried to really embrace it even though it wasn't anything to be proud of. Progress though is the name of the game and it's still mid March. All in all it was three really good races, where I felt like I had my own moments where I showed what I can expect from myself this season, but also where I need to do some more work.

After the races were over, Kalan and I headed over to Huntington Beach. This was a really special thing for me. It's been almost 10 year since I was at the beach, and as soon as I saw it I just got super excited. We got there kinda late, but caught a pretty awesome sunset on the beach. I was hoping to jump in and swim but wasn't able to really commit to that. It was still pretty chilly out.

I can't really think of too many better ways to wrap up a super fun weekend than the beach. I mean, maybe if we were able to spend a super hot day there, but, beggars can't be choosers. Gotta see what's up next for me in the race schedule, but in the meantime, I'm stoked to be out pedaling!

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