Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Good Company

 Yup, cold rides are all ways better with good friends. Never been more true recently. Not going to lie, It's been a bit hard to swallow not being able to ride my mountain bike recently. Not that I have had a lot of time to go ride, but the fact that it's not even on the table is a bummer. This time last year I was ripping all the trails daily, and I really have been missing it. But luckily Len and Wade have been giving me great company on the roads. Not too much else to report on other than getting caught up a work and trying not too lose too much fitness in the off season. It's amazing what few weeks of just rest will do for you though. I'm a firm believer in letting your body recovery after a long season. I used to try and keep going through out the year, but I almost feel like I can gain more by putting my feet up for a bit and enjoying what else is going on around me. It's also been really nice to act like a normal 23 year old for a bit. Staying up late here and there and not watching how much I eat or drink has been really fun. But as I write this I am extremely excited for 2012. I had a great season this year and can't wait to use the steps I have made in 2011 to hopefully have an even better 2012.
Well I gotta hit the sack though!
Got a few more weeks of easy going before I start up for 2012.

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