Sunday, October 02, 2011


   I love summer, but I also really do love the fall. Everything about it is just so nice. Things are a lot less hectic, and I can indulge with my two favorite beverages (beer and coffee) without guilt. More of my friends seem to be around, or maybe also since I haven't been traveling as much either, so group rides or trips to the bar post ride are more common. Plus whatever it is about fall riding, I really love. Last fall I took a lot of time off the bike, and now I can't believe it. I feel like I'm almost riding more than in August and September just because the weather is so inviting. Plus with all the leaves, it adds a bit more drift to all the downhills. Can't pass that up.

   Racing in 2011 is coming to a close very soon. It looks like next weekend's 24 Hours of Moab will finish what's been already an awesome season. I'm doing a 4 person team with John and Pete Gaston and Len Zanni. I can't wait to be honest. Moab is a really cool event, and both Gastons and Len are awesome dudes to do anything with, especially a 24 Hour Mtb race. And although I would love to do some Cyclocross racing, I not only don't have a bike, but also am really looking forward to some non-structured riding. Like I said earlier, I took a lot of time off last fall, but I think this fall I need to keep riding and having fun. I hope everyone else is enjoying their fall, and especially my favorite month, October!  Hopefully I will get some internet up at my apartment soon so I can do more updates.

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