Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Racing In The Books!

  Wow! Looking back now it seems like such a blur. Especially since I had hope to get this post out right after Moab, but not possible. Way too much travel and too many events etc to actually sit down and write something. But back to Moab. What an awesome event. I have been going to Moab for a long time to help out and race at the 24 hours. It's been one of my favorite races for a long time. This year was really hard though, I mean, every time you do it, its hard, but this one was especially hard. The weather was so-so going into it and at night we got hit with some extremely cold temps which really took it out of all of us, but we pulled it out and won! Not only did we win our category, but also the overall! Together with Len Zanni, John and Peter Gaston we tore the race apart. It was such a cool experience doing all that with them and having as much fun as we did. And just like that the race season for 2011 is over! It has been an amazing year and this was truly the icing on the cake! Huge thanks to everyone who has helped me out and supported me this season! Trek, Bontrager, Honey Stinger, Adidas Eyewear etc! Thanks a ton! For now I will take sometime to rest and recover. Still plenty more to come!

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