Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flying By

   I honestly can't believe it's already August. It seems like just yesterday July started. Been a while since I have updated, which makes sense when thinking about how busy I've been. But from the last post, lots has happened. After the Rocky Mountain Omnium I made my way down to Crested Butte for the Fat Tire 40 Mountain States Cup. I did the race last year and loved the course. I am not typically as into the long distance races as other racers, but this one is worth going to for sure. The race went well, but was suffering from all the efforts from the past weeks prior to the race. I finished 10th and was happy to come in with a pretty clean ride and not kill myself either. After that I needed some time off. I went down to Silverton to meet up with my good buddy Mike Thomas and his girlfriend Lana. We spent the long 4th of July weekend down there camping at the base of America's Basin. This was an amazing camp site with epic views!

    We had lots of fun hiking around and taking in the awesome scenery. It's easy to forget sometime show easy it is to get out into the sticks. It was also amazing to have a whole 3-4 days with no Internet/phone service. But I'm pretty sure that when I turned my phone back on it almost died from all the messages I had missed. After Silverton, next up was Breckenridge. I wasn't able to make it out to National Champs this year due to work, so I went and did the B32 race there. This race is amazing! It takes place on a similar course to the Firecracker 50 and Fall Classic and after having such a poor ride there last year it was really important for me to go back and have fun. 

 I ended up taking the win at that race, and was able to stand on the podium with awesome friend/mentor Jesse Swift. Jesse is having an amazing season this year, and it's always been a goal of mine to stand on the podium with him. It was a special race to me in that way and also because of how different things had become since I was last there. I remember finishing the race last year thinking it could be my last race, and then this year finishing in front of everyone.  

 After the Breckenridge adventure, Len Zanni and I headed up to Steamboat Springs to put on the inaugural Steamboat Stinger. It's a 50 mile mountain bike race on Howelson Hill, that went off really well. It was a lot of work that took a while to recover from, but left me really happy having been a part of. It gave me a different look into how difficult it is to be a race promoter and how much work there really is. It funny how much easier it is showing up to race and racing not knowing the whole back end of what went into the whole production. My hat goes off to everyone at Honey Stinger that help Len and I do this, and of course Mike McCormack from Backbone Media and the mastermind behind the Breck Epic. He was very instrumental to the whole event. 

After that it was time to head back to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Summer show.  It's funny how things go so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday I was here and it was my first day on the job. The show went really well once again and was another great learning experience. It was also nice too since this time we were able to ride our bikes a bit. 

This was a shot from our ride watching the rain come in. After coming back from the show it has been nice to relax a bit. And after putting in some good days on the bike I seem to have caught whatever the bug is going around. Nothing worse than being sick during the summer. And speaking of summer I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. But it still has been a great one! Hopefully I can get healthy again asap so I can start enjoying the rest of it! 

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