Monday, June 27, 2011

Wildflower Rush and Rocky Mountain Omnium

   The past few weeks have flown by here. Lots of racing and training going on. Starting from the last post was the Rocky Mountain Omnium. It's pretty sweet when you can race in your hometown, and have all your friends come watch you race. It's even better when you get 2nd place and lap the field in the downtown crit. I typically have a love hate relationship with crits. Either they are super fast, really fun and I love them, or they are back and forth like an accordion and sketchy, then I hate them. This one by far was one of my favorite, super fast, and about perfect length for laps. Early on I saw an opportunity to make a move and took it. Luckily it worked out and was able to grab some pretty nice prize money, $100 in cash! Not too bad! Sadly I wasn't able to have the same success the next day as I dropped my chain in a crucial spot and was forced to try and chase back onto the main field. But after drilling it the day before I wasn't able to get back and finished with gruppetto. All in all a great weekend!

Then this past weekend was spent in one of my all time favorite places, Crested Butte. The Mountain States Cup series held the Fat Tire 40 along with the Pro GRT and other Fat Tire festivities. The course there is brutal for sure, 9000 vertical feet of climbing in 40 miles of sick single track. And truly, it's some of the funnest riding you will find anywhere. And while I don't see myself switching over to the endurance side of the sport anytime soon, I did enjoy the race. Pretty cool just doing one lap, but also very different from what I'm used to. Either way, I was able to pull out a good ride while still feeling a bit flat from lots of racing and training lately, but I'll take 10th.Still looking for a top 5 this season, but luckily I have a few more MSC's left. But now  I will take a bit of break before National Champs in Idaho. Can't wait for the BBQ!

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