Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On the Road

So I pretty much suck at updating this blog. Almost a month of no new posts. Well aside from being very very busy at work, racing has been very busy as well. After taking some time at home my next race was the Independence Pass Hill Climb and Aspen downtown Criterium. Two of my favorite races. Sadly the hill climb was cancelled due to snow, first time in 17 years, and the Crit was a bit sketch. Typically they have run it in the same direction for years, and was a really fun course, and while it was still fun the new one was a bit faster and had some weird corners in it that were not to my liking. Either way it was a good time and good training.

Next up was the Iron Horse Classic. Last year I had poor luck and was pretty bummed I wasn't able to finish. This year went much smoother. They put the Pro 1/2/3's together which really benefited me. It was a really fun and hard race, and while I feel I did a decent ride, it also showed I have a lot of work to do. The next day was the return of the Mountain bike race to the Iron Horse and it was sick! With sweet over-ramps and maze sections and launching out of a bar it was pretty fun to race on. But after killing myself in the road race the day before I was a bit flat, and also missed a feed on the second lap. With it being 80+ during the race I suffered a lot and fell back some places, but still overall pretty happy with the weekend. Since then I have been taking it easy, but also keeping in some good miles for the rest of the season.
Hopefully I can stay on top of things a bit more and get more than just a post out every month.

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