Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterhack XC

   Normally I would never put up a post about an Aspen Cycling Series race, but this one is the exception. I have been wanting to win a race for a while, and especially with this season going as well as it has, I have really been wanting to cross that finish line in first. Before showing up, rumor was Lance Armstrong was coming, and sure enough he did. Trying not to think of him as anyone different, I rode my own race and ended up riding away with the win. And while it's once again just a local Wednesday night race, it's always been a longtime dream of mine to race against Lance, and win. And truly not too many people can say that they have ever beat Lance in a race before.  I still can't quite believe I did it myself. I even joked that I might get the results sheet framed.  Big thanks to everyone cheering and Lindsay Jones for the pics!

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