Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mellow Classic

    Texas was very hot. No other real way to describe it. The trails were amazing down there at the ranch. When getting there I was wondering what the terrain would be like, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The trails were fast and flowy, but also kinda technical. But come to think of it, if Lance Armstrong was going to have trails in his back, they would be top notch single track. After picking up my friend from Sweden, Calle Friberg from the airport the night before, we were not able to spend too much time acclimating to the heat, so come race day it was a shocker for sure. After getting a great call up, and a a good warm up that got rid of the soreness in my legs, I was pretty excited for the race. Ideally I was hoping to beat my earlier finish of 39th in Fontana, but it was not so. The first half of the first lap I sat around 25th, but then due to the oppressively hot heat, I began to move backwards. I hung on to finish, and that became my only goal as time went on. I have never been so hot in my life. I am really bummed about the outcome of the race, and would have preferred to have been more competitive, but for me that day it was just not possible.

Since we were also sampling Honey Stinger with a booth at the event, Calle and I decided to take advantage of the sweet single track and went for another ride. Luckily it was not as hot outside and we both felt much better. We also met up with some of the ranch staff and got to swim at Lance's dead man's hole swimming area. Pretty cool! The cold water felt awesome. We also kicked back a few beers and ate some great Mexican food. Although results wise it was a bad weekend, the Honey Stinger booth was going off, we met with more people involved at both Mellow Johnny's and I even got another chance to hang out with Bart Knagg's, who is a very cool guy. A huge thanks goes to Bill Gamber, Len Zanni and Rich Hager at Honey Stinger for making the trip happen. Of course, our Honey Stinger rep for TX, Lori Barrett and all the guys are Mellow Johnnys etc. Thanks a ton!

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