Monday, May 09, 2011

12 Hours of Mesa Verde

Unfortunately I do not have a full team shot from this past weekend, but this a pretty good shot to sum up the 12hrs of Mesa Verde. Big smiles with lots of suffering. But before talking about the race, I need to put in a quick aside. This previous week I was able to pull Calle Friberg out of retirement and come to a few races. 

    It was Calle's first time racing in the United States, and after only 2 weeks of semi training he put on quite the show here. After sitting top 10 at the Mellow Classic until the heat got to him, I brought him to 6,000 feet above sea level and he still was riding strong as hell. Calle has many Swedish National Championships to his name and years of World Cup experience. But above all, he also happens to be one of the most fun people to hang out with and ride with.  Having him stay here with me and being able to race with two weekends in a row has been a bit of a surreal experience. Nothing better than having an awesome  training partner that can crack you up and rip on you at the same time. This past week I have learned more than the past few years of racing combined. And had tons of fun! Thanks again Calle!

But back to the race! After an awesome week of training with Calle, we rallied over the passes to Cortez Colorado for the 12 hours of Mesa Verde. I have been really looking forward to this race for a while for many reasons. The course is unreal. Truly the most fun track ever! I heard the term "trail sex" thrown around from people describing the course. Secondly, aside from having Calle on the team, it was Kelly Magelky, Len Zanni and myself. We were going for the win, and had lady luck been on our side, we would have done it. Sadly mechanicals kept us from taking the W, but above all, we all had a great time. Hard to explain how suffering together in a endurance relay race really brings you together. Thanks again guys for the awesome adventure. After the race, Calle and I headed to Durango for some of Mike Thomas' famous cooking. Ribs, chicken wings and beers was what was on the menu, and I couldn't have been happier. So happy I even fell out of my chair. (photo coming)

So once again, huge thanks to everyone for making the season so far as awesome as it's been! 

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