Sunday, April 03, 2011


      Until yesterday, this photo was from my last ride with Jesse Swift. We both did the White Rim Trail in a day with some other friends for what was an awesome all day adventure. I credit Jesse for making me the rider I am today. He taught me how to ride almost anything, and to do it smoothly and gracefully. He also helped me through my first years racing as a pro. He taught me that being a pro isn't all about results, or rocking the coolest, newest stuff, but above all having fun and getting other people fired up to ride. For years we raced together on the same team, and often ended up working together in races as well. It was times like those that made me love racing even more. After this ride we did in late 2008, I went back to school in Durango, and did many other races Jesse was not at. Since then, Jesse has had a child with his awesome wife Jessica and has kept busy with his masters, teaching middle school, and still riding.

Being able to ride with him yesterday was awesome! I couldn't believe how long it had been. Thankfully he hasn't changed a bit and was launching everything in sight out on the trail. Plus he was sticking it to me pretty good, on a single speed of all things as well! Luckily Jesse and I will be doing more of the same races together this year and I should be able to ride with him more. Then after our ride, like always we broke down everything in our lives over some Frosty's from Wendy's. I can tell I still have a few things to learn from him, and not only on the trail too.
Thanks Jesse!

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