Monday, March 21, 2011

Gone Camping!

     Wow! I am really tired, Still.  I spent the weekend at the Honey Stinger/ Trek Off Road Team camp and it was a blast! The weather held out for the camp and provided for some great riding. It was awesome being able to put faces with names and also getting to know people a lot better. I can honestly say we have an awesome team for 2011. Some of the riders I known for a little while but never really got a chance to meet and talk to. It's really funny how for years and years I have heard or seen the same names all over the results sheets, but I haven't really taken the time to see who these people are.

   Among many of those riders was Kelly Magelky. He's a new rider to the Honey Stinger/ Trek team but a long time ripper on the mountain bike circuit. Aside from being an amazing rider, he also lives a pretty extraordinary life. He works as a director and editor for a production company that does work all over the world. Here's a really cool clip from some of his work I found. I can't wait to do some racing with Kelly this year. When not chatting, he was ripping my legs off on the bike rides.

Long story short, it was an amazing weekend! Thanks everyone! Especially Len Zanni for putting together the roster and everything else that will undoubtedly make for an amazing year. I can't wait to start racing, which is good since this weekend is the first race of the season in Fontana, California for the Pro XCT. I missed the first one due to illness so I might be a bit behind, but whatever I am lacking in fitness I think I will make up for with zealous.

Thanks again everyone!

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