Monday, February 07, 2011

Lots of Snow, Lots of Fun

     Wow, It's been dumping snow here. And I am totally stoked. This is a huge improvement for me. A few years ago I would have been losing my mind, in the bad way. I used to hate winters. I have been nordic skiing for years, and used to snowboard up on the hills religiously for years, but just recently have I gotten a renewed love for winter and XC skiing.  I guess not that recent, but this year especially I have really been loving my time on the skis. So with all this snow, comes an bigger smile to my face. It's funny how things like that change.

    I guess after all this years or suffering through long freezing ass cold rides, I can appreciate staying warm and dry skiing. Plus there are very few sports where it can be -20 outside and you can still be warm. Anyways, with the Owl Creek Chase coming up next weekend I figured I better play around with different waxes and also go preview the course a few times. It's a pretty brutal 20 odd kilometers, but it's super fun. So after a few quick coats of wax from Toko, I have been dying to get on the skis and try them out. Long story short, they're amazing!

           After a few laps on the techy down hill, I looked over and saw the powder pandas lift going. I figured it was a good way to sneak in a few extra laps while saving the most energy.

   The snow has been amazing all weekend, and the boys at are showing more snow on the way. Coverage on the course is perfect, and extremely fast.

Along with the awesome snow, brings even more awesome views. There are many times when out on bike rides or skiing that I can't believe how lucky I am to live where I do, living the life I have. I am truly privileged. 

Can't wait for what else February has in store. Hope everyone else is having a great time as well, and enjoying all this snow.

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