Friday, February 04, 2011

January's Gone

        Since OR a lot has been happening. I got back to the valley and have been getting settled in my new office. It's quite a change from going to work at the coffee shop after all these years. Here's a pic of my desk. A little crowded yes, but I have been getting lots done. I still haven't gotten a desk top yet, so I have just been using my personal computer. Not bad. At least when I go home I have access to everything I have been doing at work. Which is some cases is a bad thing.

   Training has been going really well lately. Even though I got a later start this year, I feel like the good sensations are coming back pretty quickly. With it being so damn cold here, these "hotties" have been a life saver. The other day when I went skiing it was -6 up at the nordic center. When I finished up I had frost bite on my checks.  Along with the skiing I have been on the rollers a lot more than I like. And really for me, any time on the rollers is more than I like. I will say though that last year there is no way I could make my self do that, so if I can stand it this year, then thats just another sign things are going better for me. Plus since I got Universal Sports on Tv, I have been watching all the FIS World Cup's for XC and DH. It always helps to have something cool to watch when suffering inside.

   I can't believe it, but it's already February. Race season is truly right around the corner. We'll see how these first few races go, but I'm sure this season will be a better one than last. Plus, we've got some really cool things coming out from the Honey Stinger/Trek Off Road team this year. Can't wait.
Hope everybody is staying warm and enjoying the new month so far.

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