Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ebb and Flow and a Mo

By: Colin Osborn

Ahhh! I have been so busy lately it's just ridiculous. It's that time of year where there is this urgency to finish any last minute project before the snow flies. I can't really blame them. It's almost time for me to start training again and getting serious. And I can't wait. These few months have been awesome, but I do miss having regimented training in my life. I really do love having set objectives on the bike to get done every day. Especially with my Trek just sitting here next to my desk just begging to be rode. Soon enough...

In other news, It's very much November now, and so that means it's time to help out mens health. 1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer, and this month you can help me, by helping to fight cancer by donating HERE to support Mo-vember. Mo-vember is where you grow a sweet Mo-stache in support of mens health during the month of November. By clicking that link, it takes you to my Mo-vember profile, where you can donate money to help fight prostate cancer and also get all kinds of more info. Or you can check out this sweet vid!

Thanks everybody! I promise next post to post where I am at in the growth process!

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