Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hard Days

Snow is showing up on more and more mountains in Colorado. It's nice to see the whole state is getting some much needed moisture. I'm back in Durango for the weekend and feels like I never left. It's also been long enough that I can't really remember what it's like to live here again, but still have plenty of good memories for me to know otherwise. Aside from the break from work, it's been really nice to relax and feel like on of these trips is an actual vacation. I'm getting closer and closer to being in full time training again so I'm really soaking up the downtime. I'm talking long breakfast meals, multiple cups of coffee, Hot springs soaks and mid day naps. Yup, it's a hard life right now. Plus I need to be rested up really well before the Halloween celebrations commence this weekend. If possibly I will try and provide some photos if I can. Well I got to run, the World Series is on and I need to get my last baseball fix before the offseason comes. Hope everyone is having an awesome end to Roktober.

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