Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

By: Colin Osborn

I am actually afraid for tonight. And not just because of the ghosts and ghouls, but because I just have a feeling tonight is going to get downright wreck less. Paul is always down for a good time, and when the two of us plot and scheme on how to scare kids before the parties start, you know things are going to be good. Aside from our plan making, I've been having an amazing weekend. And for once I have been very productive with my school work on a weekend. Usually if I get any time away from work, I am hitting the trail. My only regret so far is not getting to the skate park yet, but the day is still young. I also have been probably over-blogging in compensation for being so bad at it these past few months. I figure if some top sport stars can get a post out every day, there is no reason I should only be doing 2-3 a month. Given, they lead much more interesting lives than mine, but I think you get my point. Well I got some video to edit for class and some more emails to send out. Hopefully I can get an update out from the night. Happy Halloween everybody!

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