Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back On the Horse

Things have been crazy since my last post. I took a considerable amount of time off after Breckenridge to clear my head. This was something I really needed. Typically after a race season I have never felt the need to take a vacation from the bike, but this time around, the last thing I wanted to do was ride my bike. I took almost three weeks off the bike. Didn't even look at it. I knew that after Breckenridge I needed to get to a place where I was enjoying riding my bike and enjoying what I was doing in life as well. During that time off I hit up the skate park considerably. I also cracked down on the books and tried to get myself in the best position possible for school. It was great being a typical 21 year old for that time. I also really worked on getting my head straight.

Before Breckenridge I was trying to make up my mind about a lot of different things. Some about the bike, some about life in general. I guess the funniest thing about this past month is how all of those things seemed to answer themselves and point me into the right direction. As weird as it was, I really felt like every day was a new lesson. Among other things, I realized how much I love riding my bike and my want to continue racing. I don't believe in fate. I strongly believe that your life is a product of your own mindset and that you have more control of what happens than most people think. But I also believe that things happen in life for a reason. Sometimes it's neccesary to go through events so that you can become a better person. While it was really easy for me at first to take a negative approach to this year and write it off as a shit season, I know differently now. I really want to appologize for my last post. Although things did not go how I wanted this season, I have to sit back and think of all the positives that came from this year and be stoked on what I learned. I also really want to thank everybody once again who has supported me through the season. Especially Len Zanni and everybody at Honey Stinger/Trek. With out you guys, this year would not have been possible. Thanks again

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