Friday, August 06, 2010

Monsoon Season

I love rain. Which is good since it has been raining everday for the past 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it's a bit of a pain when trying to ride, but otherwise its pretty awesome. All the trails are riding super fast. Everything is very green and the rivers are starting go up as well. Once again I have been pretty busy this week runing erands and also trying to train and work. School starts up again at the end of the month and so registration and testing out of classes has been a bit of a hassle. I am actually really looking forward to getting back into the class room. After working non-stop like I have for the past year has really shown me how badly I want to finish college and get going on a real career. In the mean time though before school starts I am on a mission to get in some good training for the rest of the season. Looks like my final race will not be until October, so I have some time left in the saddle. I love this time of year. Nationals have gone and passed, and the rest of the races on the MSC circuit are awesome high alititude courses that are so sick! Theres even some road races coming up that are awesome, and I am really looking forward to doing. Well it looks like the rain has stopped so I am off to ride. Wish me luck, I left my rain jacket over at a friends.

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