Wednesday, July 07, 2010

High Times and Big Hours

Wow, Since the summer has started I have really sucked at doing posts. Luckily that's been because I've been super busy, but at the same time, being this busy isn't always that fun. Since my last post I haven't done too much more racing. I have however been putting in lots of hours on the bike trying to get a peak set for National Champs in Sol Vista next week. Wow, Sounds so weird to say that already. I'm when I think about it, it has been a long season, but still, July already? But the one race I have done since the Rocky Mountain Road Omnium, and that was the Fat Tire 40 in Crested Butte. The course was amazing, but an epic for sure. Unfortunately I suffered from some digestion problems about 1hr into the race and had to let a bunch, if not all the pro guys go by as I soft pedaled myself back into the race. I did finish, and didn't do terrible. After I got my stomach back, I ate some Honey Stinger Chews and caught up to a lost Ross Schnell and Danny Pate.
I ended up riding the last 10-15 miles with Ross talking about bikes, burritos and other important stuff like that. Pretty sweet race to be honest. Aside from the bad luck I had a great time and got in some great training. It was also amazing to see team mate Nate Bird get on the podium in second place. More or less, he killed it!

After Crested Butte, it has been just a game of time and trying to train at the highest altitude I could. It was really fun making my riding my top priority. I have been saving some extra money for the past month so I could afford to work less during July in the build up to National Champs and also for the race. After last season, I know better than to focus my whole season around one race, but it is what it is. A good day at national champs can really make your season. But needless to say I will just be happy to have a solid day with no mistakes or bad luck. Before Nats though is my home race, Blast the Mass this weekend. Hopefully I am fully recovered from all these hours.
Until then!

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