Sunday, June 06, 2010

Camera Down

I have been wanting to update, but haven't since I was waiting on uploading on some photos from my camera but I think it has finally bit the dust. Since my last update I made the sweet trip down to Angel Fire, New Mexico with Len, my Team Manager at Honey stinger/Trek. It was a pretty in and out operation. We raced on a Saturday and drove down Friday to camp out in the parking lot in our sick Big Agnes tent. We got the next morning to very hot temps and a even dustier XC course. The track there at Angel is still one of my favorites to race on. The World Cup was here back in 2005 and ever since then it just seems to demand a rider who is in top shape. I put together a pretty solid race, and kept my self near the front and walked away with 10th place. A solid finish for me, which matches my top placing at a MSC even last year.

After coming back from Angel Fire, I kept the miles on the road bike going in preparation for the Rocky Mountain Omnium Stage Race this past weekend. It's a pretty cool event that allows me to do some sweet road racing while being able to ride from house almost every day to the start/finish. Unfortunately I was only able to do the Time Trial on friday night. Which was a true bummer since I never really found some legs in the short TT. The next stage was the Criterium in downtown Carbondale. I didn't race until 4:00pm but it started raining around noon and never stopped. I know that if I was hardcore I would have still suited up, but I just kept getting the feeling of a broken collar bone or wrist etc. Bailed on the Crit and the Road race for that same reason. The weekend wasn't a total waste though. Aside from all the trails being in perfect shape, I got to do some BBQ'ing with my good friend Mike from Durango and watch lots of baseball. After 5 straight weekends of racing it was a nice way to end that block. For now I am taking a little rest before building up for National Champs this July. I wasn't able to race National Champs last year due to a shoulder separation. And last time I did get to race I suffered from multiple mechanical's and bad luck. Hopefully with this year being my last in the U23 class I can have a good race. Well I need to be off to bed, hopefully I can get my camera working before my next post.
Until Then.

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