Friday, April 23, 2010

On the trails...

Christmas came, and the big present was from Trek Bikes! Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks, been extremely busy. Which anymore isn't too much of an excuse given how efficient I should be with my time by now. But since my last post, lots of things have changed. The weather has been incredible, we have had some days in the 70's pretty often. A very welcome change that has also led to me being outside more and on the computer less. I also made it out for the Honeystinger/Trek team camp a few weeks ago in Fruita, Colorado.

Not a bad team! And certainly not a bad weekend either! It was really cool meeting everybody and testing out the new equipment for the season. It was also nice getting out of the valley for a while and out of work too. I remember I was having dreams where I was stuck in the burrito shop forever a few nights before leaving. I think I am starting to hit the point of too many burritos. Anyways, since getting back from the camp I also purchased a new car! I don't have any photos of it yet since my camera is MIA and I am on someone else's computer while my internet is down. But it's incredible having a vehicle again and being able to run my errands and make it to bike races. Also since the camp, I have turned up the intensity on my training in prep for my first mountain bike race of the season. The Rabbit Valley Rally back in Fruita, Colorado. It's the first stop in the Mountain States Cup Series and I am really excited to get back to racing. Hopefully I don't get sunburnt out there like last time. I hope to be getting more updates a lot more often, so thanks for sticking around.

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