Friday, March 05, 2010

Sunshine is fine!

It seem's like as soon as March arived it brought nothing but awesome weather with it. The sun has been out all day and been in the upper 40's and close to the 50's. It's made training so nice. I have even found myself just sitting outside soaking up the warmth even when just reading emails and sipping on my coffee. I can't explain how great it is to ride under blue skies and a clean dry road underneath. I am not getting my hopes up too much as I am sure we will get some more snow, probably soon, but right now this is heaven.

The day's are getting longer now, thank god! It's nice to not have to rush around as much trying to fit everything into that small window of daylight. Needless to say I am getting really excited for this spring. My fitness is really coming along, especially with the help from my new coach at Carmichael Training Systems guiding me. I really am amazed at how much work I have done this year, and I really feel like it has paid off. I guess the real test will be on the race course, but from years past I can already tell things are starting well. A lot of that maybe from trying to keep things as simple as possible this year too. Yeah I will admidt, it get's a little boring here and there, but I have been sleeping a lot better and overall atitude is way better. I really can appreciate how much of an impact your mind has over everything.

With the sun poking it's head out more often, so should more trips and races. I maybe heading down to Tucson again for their bicycle classic next weekend. I really love the riding down there and it would be cool to see my friend PJ again. He's been killing it so far this season on the road. I am stoked to see him up there, he's been putting in some hard work this winter as well. It might also have something to do with the abundance of sunshine he's been getting there too.
Until then, I am off to soak up some more sun!

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