Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Consistency Rules

It's been nice getting consistent rides in again. Although the weather is not as nice as it was a week ago, the roads have all but completely cleared and made for really good riding. It's also nice coming back from a ride and not being covered in road gunk. I really have been able to tell how much better you feel when you can ride 6 days a week opposed to 2-3 mixed with skiing. As much as I do love nordic skiing, it isn't the nicest to my arms and even legs.

So I finally went out and got a tattoo. I have been talking about it for years and today I made it happen. It's only about 70% finished, but already it looks great. I am amazed at the great job the guys at Spider Rose Tattoo have been doing. It was quite the experience today. I will say getting a tattoo on the ribs is a bit more painful that I anticipated, but worth it. Can't wait to get it all finished up. Until then, I will be out on the roads!

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