Tuesday, January 26, 2010

White on White

I asked for snow, and I have been getting it. I think its snowed all most everyday this month. Aside from making it more difficult to ride, it has been really cool. The skiing right now is awesome up at spring gulch, been up there a lot this year. For a while I was a bit concerned how training was going to happen with all this snow and no car still, but its been turning into a bit of a blessing.

Since the Pathfinder bit the dust a little over a month ago, I have been riding this beast as my means of transportation. Even when the weather sucks, I have to ride my bike. It's given me a new definition of "rideable" in reference to the weather. Aside from the rough weather, things have been going relatively smoothly. Getting the race schedule a bit more set, and also getting more and more product set as well. I am really excited to get back to racing. I am a lot better prepared going into this season and also riding for a new team is doing nothing but adding to that excitement. Well it's snowing some more and my tea is ready. Can't wait for some more skiing and maybe some snow biking.

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