Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Falling Into Place

I have to got to say, this year is off to a great start. Been riding a lot, and having a good time skiing here and there. I will say though that the weather here has been really weird. It's been a lot colder than usual in January and yet we still don't have much snow. Although it does make riding easier, the skiing on the slopes sucks.

This year has been interesting for me. I have been focusing on staying positive and keeping good energy. So far I feel like it's been working out really well. I have hit a few snags recently, but I have been keeping my eye's on the prize. Both Paul and I had difficult seasons last year in 2009. Injuries, money problems, stress etc plagued me and brought me down. It wasn't until the later half of the season that I started riding and racing again for purely fun that things started coming together again. Racing aside, I think this new outlook will help me in life in more ways than one. Like I have said many times, I am very excited for this season for many reasons.

One big reason, which I am finally able to talk about, is my new team. For 2010 I will be racing for Team Honeystinger/Trek. I could not be more excited to be racing for them. I think together with the new team and the new outlook/renewed love for the sport should lead to a great season.
I want to thank everybody once again for their support over the years and in the future!

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Brendan H. said...

Congrats dude!