Monday, December 14, 2009

Warm Reception

It's really December? I could swear is March or May. I love this south west riding. It's been close to 75-80 every day, and not a cloud in the sky. After below freezing temps in the valley I was really looking forward to getting out here. The ski center only opened a few days before so basically I was stuck inside with nothing to do. I refuse to ride the trainer or rollers anymore. I think I even saw a scientific study that said riding those things makes your fitness dive. Not really, but they are no fun. Finally last Friday after working the morning shift I left from Dos and headed straight south to Durango. It wasn't nearly as cold, only about 26 but it was snowing a lot. Got to see Thomas, Paul Geminigani and Moss. Always nice being with people who are like family, but you don't see for months at a time. Went XC skiing down there on Saturday with it still dumping snow. It's awesome how that south west corner of Colorado can just get hammered with snow sometimes. Then I set out on an epic drive down to beautiful Tucson. It rained the whole time while driving.

After sleeping like a brick from the 13 hours of straight driving, I woke up to views like this. I am still smiling. The riding hear is awesome. It feels so nice to ride outside wearing only a jersey and shorts. It's better too since I get to ride with my old friend from my freshman year of college PJ Runyon. Him and his dad got a condo and offered a room to me. We have putting in some good time in the saddle.

We made our way up Mount Lemmon a few days ago. I think something like 23 or 24 miles of climbing. I love climbing, but near the top it got a bit boring. Once we did get there, we found this sweet place with huge cookies the size of a small dinner plate. I think I will make another trip up there just for the cookies. But after doing many other rides all over town it's easy to see why so many people come down here to train. The weather is incredible. The people here are pretty nice, the roads are very bike friendly and the views are awesome. Not to mention Saguaro National Park is really cool to ride through. Oh bike riding, it gives me all kinds of reasons to go to new places. It's also really nice to get out of work. It's been over a week since I was the burrito shop and I really feel relaxed, hell I even fell asleep at the pool today after our ride. I even got more time to practice my Swedish before I make the trip back to euroland. Hopefully this time my trip overseas will be even more fun this time around with more miles in my legs. Hope everyone else is having a pleasant December!

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