Saturday, December 26, 2009

The End of the Year Among Other Things

Continuing my travel fix I headed out west to Las Vegas for some riding and to see my mom. I was out there for a little over a week for what was a really relaxing trip. I know that sounds a bit weird being that it is Las Vegas, but it pretty nice out there. The roads are pretty good for riding, and the weather was decent. Much better really than I am normally used to in December. It was also fun riding some place new and seeing all that is Las Vegas in person.

Unfortunately on my way out from the airport I ran into some car issues. Yes, again...

However this time, the Pathfinder finally met it's fate. As I stopped into Grand Junction for some gas the timing belt snapped causing a bunch of damage in its wake. Right as the year was ending so did my car troubles. I finally took the car to the salvage yard and cut my losses. I loved that car, but after the past two years of struggling to keep it running and constantly breaking down in it, I figured I would be better off with no car at all. Oh well, worse things could have happened, and this way I can save some money for a while before getting something a bit more reliable.

Still can't believe it's 2010. Really excited for what this year has in store.

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