Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twitter Killed My Blog...

Since I got a twitter account, I pretty much forgot about my blog. Oh well, not that it matters too much anyways, been so busy with work and school lately that nothing else has really happened that is worth talking about. My sister, Rhiannon on the other hand has been doing all kinds of cool stuff lately. This past October she took a job with Raytheon and is working at the the South Pole.

That's her next to the airplane and also at the geological south pole marker. Pretty cool! She says it is quite an experience being down there. I think it goes without saying I am very jealous. If it wasn't such a hassle, and probably very expensive if you don't work there, I would love to visit. Really not too much has been going on with me. Been riding the road bike a lot. Really excited for some more snow here. I am dieing to try out my new Nordic skis and get some snowboarding in. Maybe next post can be more interesting. Hope everybody is having a great fall!

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Will-E said...

NICE! I've never seen a C-130 on skis. Not surprising though, they're the most versatile plane's today. My little bro is a C-130 Loadmaster in the US Air Force.