Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nearing Pass Out Time

My biological clock has completely changed, and probably for the better. I have been passing out almost every night around 8:30. Working, school and training has been taking it toll on me these past few weeks. I have to say I did miss the training, even if it does take away what was remaining of my social life. School is almost done for the semester, thank god. And work... well work has gotten harder. This is that time of year when we get a bunch of jerky tourists coming into town. I mean, they do help the economy of the valley, but holy crap they suck. Trying to serve coffee and burritos to them can be like pulling needles through my cheeks sometimes. Very rarely do they tip, or show me or anyone else there respect. Anyways, my only other complaint is that there is no new snow here. C'mon! It's almost December and just a dusting a few nights ago, not cool! I hate to sound negative, but the skiing here is so good that it's really a shame there is no snow right now. Plus I know I would be in a much better mood if I could go test out my new nordic skis. Well, enough rambling and complaining. In all honesty, things are really good. It's hard to remember that sometimes when all you are doing is working towards the future, whether it be for education, or racing. But, even with all the rude customers, I have a great job with an awesome boss and amazing co workers. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I am able to afford some type of college. Plus, I do get to ride my bike almost everyday, and hopefully very soon ski. A huge thanks to all the people involved in making my life great! I am sure things will pick up soon and maybe some damn snow will fall. Not just for my sake, but Paul G and Moss H too. Hope everybody had a great thanksgiving!

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