Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch Up

Since I got injured, a lot has happened. Been working a lot. Back in the Roaring Fork Valley, which is a bit of a shake up, but this year has been a bit of shake up in itself. It's funny how when you can't ride, you realized how much you love it. Not just the actually riding but the lifestyle that comes with regular training, and the feeling of some accomplishment at the end of the day. Along with the extra downtime has come lots of thinking. This season started off well in Fontana and was amazing in Europe, but since returning I have not quite had the legs or the mind, or most importantly the money to get back racing. I was really expecting a good ride at national champs, and felt like it was very realistic, but obviously things didn't work out. Anymore I try not think woulda, coulda, shoulda, but I realize now how I really could have improved on things. It's hard to love something when you work so hard and sacrifice so much for it, and get nothing in return. But then as soon as I through my leg over the bike and start pedaling I remember why I do it. When I wasn't riding and in a sling I had a hard time seeing this. Thoughts of quiting had crossed my mind. I figured, finish school up early, get a job and a real life, or something like that, maybe even find a girlfriend for once. But like I said, Once I get going again I know why I live how I do and work for this sport like I do. There are not many things in life that have that kind of affect on people, but biking does that to me. And for once since getting back from Europe it was nice to realize this again.

It is also been very nice to be working at Dos Gringos again. Working for Nelson Oldham (on the left with his awesome band The Redtones) has always been a pleasure and coming back to work for him has never been better. For years Nelson and his family have treated me like family, and anymore I think of them as a part of mine. So thanks again Nelson!

Well I have to get going, but it looks like very good things are on the horizon. It's funny how things work out, sometimes completely different from how you imagined though.


Blake said...

Colin, don't give up the bike racing too quickly. Your just going through some tough times right now but you are young and you will bounce back. There will be time in the future to get a full time job and settle down but if you don't give your bike racing everything you have now you will regret it. This is the time in your life to do the bike racing before the big responsibilities start. Hang in there and I hope things turn around for you and your racing.

Blake (Trevor's Dad)

Colin Osborn said...

Thanks Blake! No quitting anytime soon. Things are starting to look better all the time. Thanks a bunch for all the help and kind words!