Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunshine is Fine!

Today I got some sun. Tad and I went out for a 6 hour ride today while it was about the hottest it's been in Durango this whole year. For some reason sunblock just doesn't do much for me anymore. Aside from getting dark, I have been training up for the upcoming National Champs in a few weeks out in Sol Vista. I was hoping to do Marathon Nat's this weekend, but it looks like its already full. I am really dissapointed since last year I wasn't able to finish and I really liked the course. Oh well, it's how that stuff goes I guess. Aside from riding my bike I haven't had much of anything else going on. Been working at RGP's a lot. It was a bit of a hard transition coming back from Germany, where I was able to go ride all day, come back and relax, to having to work a bunch and having a set schedule. Well I am off to get some dinner and Aloe Vera for my burn. Get out and enjoy this awesome weather!

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