Thursday, May 07, 2009

A World Away

Today I landed in Frankfurt Germany. Wow, I can honestly say I have never been any where like this. Its a combination of some many other places, but has its own feel to it that is really amazing. I landed this morning at 9:30am, German time. I didn't sleep more than one hour on my 12hr flight, then we drove from Frankfurt to Kirchzarten, about 2hrs and then went and rode for a solid hour to try and spin out the legs.

Like I said, Europe is its own thing, the trails are very different, but still super fun. Everyone sees us riding by and kind of gives us a different look than I am used to. Its less of look at these idiots, and more like, wow, check out these mountain bikers. The first race is this weekend in Solothurn, Switzerland. I am really excited to ride the course and to be racing again. Well, I will keep you all updated when I can. The internet here is kind of slow. I am off to bed before I collapse. Check out my photos link for more shots so far.

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Dalene said...

Glad to hear you made it and all is well. It looks very beautiful there - so green! Guessing you enjoyed the ride after the 12 hour flight. Your blog is awesome, we'll keep checking it for updates.
Have tons of fun and kick butt! Nardine