Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unglaubliches Ende

Having a good race is the best feeling ever. Sometimes I forget how good it feels to come across the finish line knowing that you just gave your all, minimalized your mistakes and put together a great race. And having a great result to go with this makes it even better.

This last weekend in Germany we had a full schedule of racing on our hands. I really wanted to make the best of these last races and also both of them sounded like they would suit me relatively well. The first race on tap was an 11.5km hill climb in Buhlertahl. I was really excited and was hoping to capitalize on my climb skills, but things did not go as planned. I felt like I got a really good warm up in, but come the start I felt flat. This was not a course to not be 100% on since the first few paved sections were extremely steep. I got a decent start, but soon found myself falling backwards. I felt like I was overheating until around 6-7km in I seemed to regain my composure and finished better than I started in 30th place. Not the result I was looking for, but that's racing. That night we packed up all of our things and left the Hostel in Kirchzarten.

Needless to say I became very attached to Kirchzarten, I plan to return very soon. After leaving the Hostel, we pressed north to Solingen for a really sweet race out side of town. The course was super fun, with a lot of different terrain that was a pleausre to ride. It was 4-5km in distance and had some super fast power sections, small climbs and a very technical rocky turn before climbing back up to the start/finish.

After a decent start, I was able to move up a lot, but got caught in a bunch of traffic on the first lap. I made my way through the clutter and got into a grove. I finally feel like I got my race legs back. Last year I had my race in Deer Valley where I felt like I was riding at my best, and that last day in Soligen I felt the same. I was able to keep consist laps and felt strong the entire race. It's moments like that when you really remeber why you give up so much for racing.

I crossed the line in 9th place, putting me 16th in the elites. My best race of the season so far. This whole European trip for me has been a dream come true in many ways, the entire trip to me now seems surreal. After coming back I have regained focus and my love for racing my bike. I can't help but thank the people around me who made this whole experience happen. Thank you again to everyone! You have all proved once again that I can count on you for anything when I need it.

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