Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dream Come True

The other day after my cold bike ride, I came home and sat at the computer to check my email. I saw I had received and email from the national team director, Marc Gullickson. I figured it was nothing, then I opened it up and saw this:

You have been selected to attend USA Cycling’s European MTB Race Camp #1.

I have been dieing to go to Europe forever, and racing my bike in Europe has always been a dream of mine. I can't explain how happy I am. I still can't believe its real! I can not pass up this opportunity but will need some help covering costs. The Camp is $850, plus airfare. I have a link on the side for donations. Anything will help. Thank you so much once again to USACycling and Marc Gullickson and of course John Polli at Bikeparts.com.


Colin Osborn said...
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Anonymous said...

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