Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving Westward

I am back in California, and this time it’s much nicer! Last year all I really got to see was Ontario, the airport, and the hotel I stayed at in the pseudo-ghetto in Fontana. This time I drove out with my roommate Trevor and our friend Will. It was a bit of a long drive, around 11hrs, but it was really cool for me since I have never seen that part of the country before. As we were leaving Durango this morning, it was beginning to snow outside just a bit. It sounds quite odd to think of since today it was in the upper seventies here. Along with also getting to see a lot of the country, I got to experience In-N-Out Burger. That was also very amazing, I don’t know the last time I ate a burger as awesome as the one I had today. I made sure to follow it up with a nice chocolate shake and some French fries.

After reaching San Bernardino National Forest, Trevor took us on awesome ride near his home in Crestline. The views here are amazing; it was also pretty nice to ride in just Shorts and a Jersey. I just spun up to the top and met up with the two of them. After snapping some photos we rallied down the mountain and headed up to his house. It’s really cool getting to see where people grew up. I can honestly say I have never been anywhere in the world like this. Well, it’s getting late and tomorrow we are driving down to ride the course. The one from last year wasn’t bad, but I am really excited to see the new changes. I heard it is a bit more climber friendly. I hope the weather in Durango isn’t too bad. Although when I get back I think I am going to hit a day or two at Silverton. I think the unguided days are about to open back up again. That’s just too good to pass up. Well that’s it for tonight.


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