Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Falling Into Place

Just when I thought I was in shape, this kid comes back to town. For a while there, I thought I was getting faster, then I realized it was just because he was hauling me around for past few weeks. Anyways, things in Durango are starting to warm up. The past few days have been creeping into the sixties and there are even a few trails that are ride able. I can't wait to get out on some single track. Road riding is still fun, and riding with friends is awesome, but nothing beats a good mountain bike ride in the woods.

Aside from the weather getting better here, my training has been picking up and becoming more fun. I also got a new bike fit from the guys at Mountain Bike Specialists the other day. It was awesome! They fixed the knee issues I have been having for the past 5-6 months also got me feeling really comfy on both bikes. Its funny how something like a few centimeters here and there can really change things. I have been dealing with IT band syndrome at least once or twice every season since 2005, It will be really interesting to see how this season goes now with out having to worry about that.

Hopefully without fit issues I can actually get my act together and pull a decent season off. But speaking of a good season, a huge congrats goes out to Sam Jurekovic who got 2nd at last weeks first US West Coast Cup in Bonelli Park, California. That's him on the left to first place winner Sid Taberlay. Sam has been like my older brother for the past few years and I am sure that this is just a sign of bigger things to come for Sam. I wish him a fast, fun season! Well my coffee is getting cold, and I need some food. Until next time.

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