Sunday, February 08, 2009

It All Looks White

Well, today it finally snowed. This time I was a little less than enthused. When I left this morning, it looked pretty nice out, around 45, then as we headed out it just started coming down. After the past few weeks of awesome, spring like weather we were begging to get caught in something like this. Oh well, it is still February. I can't really complain, except for the Nordic Center at Hillcrest being closed until we get some more snow and they can properly groom it. I was really bummed when I hiked up there with skis and all and saw a big closed sign at the gate. That is the one good thing about all this snow, I am sure it will make for some awesome skiing. I might have to hit up Silverton one more time this year if we keep getting dumps like these. Until then, I will be on the bike.

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